Greetings! We were informed that a board game resembling Luna Park World was published in greek, the last couple of days. We would like to clarify that is indeed the same game without the extras that our own Michael Raftopoulos had created for the game.

Our vision for this game was to create a unique experience suitable for ages 12+ with a dark sense of humor and full of morbid situations.
Feeling committed to each and every project of ours, we brought the game to the Kickstarter Platform and advertised it in local media and foreign blogs.

Today we would like to make completely clear that Jinxsoft isn’t involved in any way with the board game “Luna Park Keys – Τα κλειδιά του Λούνα Πάρκ”. Nevertheless we would like to wish every luck in this endeavor to both the publisher and the developer of the aforementioned game. It is really fortunate when more and more games for kids are coming out.

Moreover we would like to announce that those elements of the game that were not included in the published version along with the scenario and mechanics created by us, will be included in a brand new concept, we consider publishing.

Thank you for your time.

Harry’s Journey

Greetings dear friends! We have been in stealth mode lately but the reason was quite noble. Tomorrow, after a year+ of development we are presenting the prototype of our new game Harry’s Journey at McMaster University. The project was an idea of Dr.Suzanne Archie and will be used to spread awareness regarding drugs and their effects on teens with psychosis.

We would like to thank our sponsors cause without them this particular endeavor would be impossible:
McMaster University
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Carstar Automotive
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Cleghorn Program
Dr. S. Archie Medicine Professional Corporation
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

We would also like to thank:
John Dick for his great help with the voice overs!
Petros Papoulias for his inspirational soundtrack!
George Kostopoulos for composing the credits song (with me!!!!)
Andreas Kyritsakis, Elli Aggelidou, Takis Tsafouros, Charlie Pantelis, Stamatis Manousakis and the rest band members of Arctic Circle!
Rob Mundy from!
Tolis Bellos for his voice acting!
Last but not least Dr. Archie’s team ! Perhaps the best people a person can have for co-designers!!!

Luna Park World Success at Epitrapezio 2014

Great news from Epitrapezio 2014 finals! Our board game Luna Park World was voted by the visitors of the competition as their second most favorite game! We would like to thank all of you for your trust and support although it was a very rough day due to Greek Municipal Elections.

We would also like to thank Board Gamenews for the excellent media coverage of the event.

Moreover our gratitude to arConspiracy, our “brother” team of Augmented Reality magicians cannot be expressed in words. They have helped us to transform a good board game to an excellent one. 

Once more, thank you all for the second place :)

Bad Bunnies Seasons is out!!!

It is with great joy that we have to announce the release of our favorite game Bad Bunnies Seasons. Our cute platform-puzzle game which was created based on an idea of David Franco and with the collaboration of InStorium Games is available for Android and Kindle devices via Google Play and Amazon Market respectively.