Quinta Essentia

Greetings! We are proud to announce that the site of Quinta Essentia is now live!  Quinta Essentia is located in Daphni on of the southern suburbs of Athens and is a place of fantasy, mystery and tons of roleplaying. The owner of the fine establishment mr Marwan Sanoussi is a very dear friend of ours, who is well versed in all boardgaming and roleplaying matters. The beverages are top notch and the food ….oh the food… don’t get me started…

For those who need a place to crash….their parties, Quinta Essentia has two rooms, “Cathedral and Dungeon”, available for all your rpg related endeavors.  Just call them to book one of them – and  give them some time to remove any bloodstains left by the previous adventurers!

Visit the site here for a list of the boardgames you can find @ QA as well as photos and announcement regarding future events and contests and like their page cause Marwan is a gentle, sensitive half giant who will eat you alive if you don’t!