A Different Bad Bunnies Q&A!


We encountered Michael Miropoulos, main developer of Bad Bunnies, strolling around the dark corridors of Jinxsoft Lab, dehydrated and hallucinating. His blank stare and the constant gibberish muttering only confirmed our initial theory regarding this infernal facility. Michael’s Finntroll T-shirt was torn in several places and there were visible bite and claw marks on his arms and neck.

Sadly for him, we were not there to provide any kind of comfort or serenity. Our orders were clear. Question Jinxsoft team regarding Bad Bunnies. Use force if necessary!

Q.Where are the bunnies?
A.Getting ready for battle!!!

Q.Are they mutated?
A.Yeah! Into Super Bunny Soldiers! Rawr!

Q.In a scale of 1 to 10, how bad are these bunnies?
A.They are over 9000!

Q.Any chance of atonement for the bunnies?

Q.Why bunnies in the first place and not squirrels?
A.They are bigger, cuter and kick-ass!

Q.What is this Unity thing you use to create them?
A.Unity is the master tool for breeding.

Q.Is Unity radioactive?
A.Only if it falls into the wrong hands…

Q.We have already encountered a snake and a mole in your lab. Any more surprises?
A.It doesn’t matter, they all gonna die anyway…

Q.Are you certain this is a lab facility and not the zoo?
A.What kind of question is that? Of course… not!

Q.What is so special regarding Bad Bunnies?

Q.Any chance I can have a sneak peak on your research notes? (pretty please?)
A.Let’s be honest, you don’t wanna die, right?

Q.What is next? Perhaps Bad Zebras? or Naughty Boars?
A.How about… bad bunnies into space, kickin’ asteroids and riding comets?

Q.When Bad Bunnies go public?
A.Soon and it’s gonna be bad…very bad.

As the interrogation reached a stalemate, Miropoulos stood up and started yelling: